Katie Jazwinski, wellness champion at Hart Middle School, has learned how daily physical activity impacts student performance in her classroom. By highlighting how daily activity affects physical and mental health, Katie improves the emotional health of her students along with other important life skills that could make an impact on their future. Illustrating this, Katie shares the story of a student who enrolled in her Strength and Conditioning Class to get the required PE credit. One of her students had a negative outlook on PE and suffered from diminishing mental health and confidence. Through personal conversations and class surveys, Katie was able to learn about this student and form a close bond with them. Katie’s class allowed for this student and many others to learn the connection physical activity has with quality of life and witness the positive changes regular physical activity can have on a person. 

Within a week, the student changed their outlook on physical activity and the mind-body connection. Katie worked with this student to make a personalized plan with them to ensure continued physical activity. Gradually, this student started having a positive attitude in class and eventually became very eager to make it to school every day. In the beginning this student would skip class. Now, this student never skips Strength & Conditioning. Through improved physical activity, this student began to improve their nutrition as well by choosing healthier beverages and snacks. They are now one of the top powerlifters in the school and take care of both their physical health and mental health. Through physical activity and education, their entire sense of wellbeing has changed and has metamorphosized them into a happier and healthier person both inside and out. This student has even become an advocate for physical activity and healthy eating and has been encouraging friends and family to take part in healthier behaviors. Katie has watched her student’s confidence and independence rise and form a new light in their eyes.  She describes this student as a total inspiration to herself and to many other students and adults in their school.  This student is a true example of how physical activity can improve the quality of one’s life and how a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Katie describes this student as her STAR STUDENT and a true example of what a success story should be! To learn more about Katie’s health and wellness efforts at Hart Middle School, follow their Instagram: @hartpirateshealthxpe

Hart Middle School wellness team posing for photo
The Hart Middle School wellness team gathers for their after-school fitness class.

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