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Importance of Nutrition

Here you’ll find different resources to help increase your nutrition knowledge and skills.  From healthy recipe ideas to fun games, we have great resources for the whole family!

PHS Lesson Preview

Salad Lesson

In this PHS lesson, students learn why fruits and vegetables are important for their bodies and why it is important to include a variety of produce in their diets. Students will assist in creating and sample a nutrient-dense rainbow of color salad.

MyPlate MyWins


Eat Right with MyPlate

Food, Nutrition and Health Tips from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Find your healthy eating style using these recommendations from the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Simply start with small changes to make healthier choices you can enjoy.

Use your mouse to peel back each category cover to reveal useful information about that food group.

Knife Skills

Check out our latest knife skills video for cutting carrots four ways!

Simple Steps for a Healthful Lifestyle

Good nutrition doesn’t have to be restrictive or overwhelming.  Small goals and changes can have a cumulative healthful effect, and every little bit (or bite!) of nutrition is a step in the right direction.

Plan and Shop for a Weeks' Worth of Lunches for Kids



Are you or your kids tired of the same lunches week after week? Try something new with these five kid-friendly lunches: Veggie Sushi, Tex-mex Bento, Greek Yogurt Parfait, Mini Mezze, and Confetti Pasta. Click the button below or keep scrolling for shopping lists and Sunday prep instructions for these five lunches.


Tips for Planning from

Monday: Veggie Sushi

Make colorful crunchy veggies even more appealing by rolling them into kid-friendly sushi. Top a whole-grain tortilla with ranch dressing, cream cheese or hummus, an assortment of sliced vegetables, like bell peppers, and avocado. Roll tightly, then slice crosswise into bite-size pieces.

Picture of food in lunchbox

Tuesday: Tex-Mex Bento

Quesadillas are easy to make ahead, pack up well, and can be eaten cold or at room temperature. Keep things simple with cheese and canned black beans, or tuck in a few leftovers from dinner, like chopped chicken or grilled vegetables. Serve with sliced avocado and tomatoes or salsa.


Wednesday: Greek Yogurt Parfait

Let kids customize plain or vanilla Greek yogurt with an assortment of easy stir-ins, like fresh berries, granola, whole-grain cereal and/or dried fruit. Round it out with a side of raw or lightly steamed vegetables.


Thursday: Mini Mezze

We’re pretty sure kids won’t complain about a snack lunch. Pack hummus along with a couple dippers, like tortilla or pita triangles and veggie sticks, some fresh fruit and cubed cheese for a Mediterranean-inspired lunch. Customize by adding olives, sliced deli turkey or dried fruit.


Friday: Confetti Pasta

Pasta salads are a good way to use up whatever vegetables are left at the end of the week. Add protein with canned beans, leftover chicken, deli turkey or tuna. To make a simple creamy dressing, combine plain Greek yogurt with ranch dressing to taste. Toss in cubed cheese or serve it on the side.


Sunday Meal-Prep To-Do List

Store your prepped ingredients in an airtight container in the refrigerator.  Prep these foods ahead on the weekend, to save time during the weekday rush:

    1. Cut bell peppers into strips.
    2. Slice cucumber into rounds.
    3. Rinse grapes and pat dry.
      Refrigerate in an open container lined with a paper towel.
    4. Slice or cube cheese.
    5. Make quesadilla(s) for Tuesday. Let cool.

Healthy Fats Game!

Test your Knowledge! Click on the food you think contains healthy fats.
There are four correct answers and four wrong answers.

Click the question mark (?) to reveal the answer!

Facts on Fat

The Facts on Fat lesson is just one of our ten lessons that teach students invaluable lessons about nutrition, physical activity, mental health, and more! 

Why do we need healthy fats in our diet?  Fat is a macronutrient that our body needs for several reasons:

  • Healthy fats help our body to function properly by absorbing and transporting Vitamins A,D,E,&K
  • Healthy fats keep our hair and skin looking great
  • Some healthy fats might protect us from heart disease and improve other aspects of our health
  • We need healthy fat stores in our body to cushion our organs, insulate our body, and provide energy

Lesson 9 Facts on Fat intro video

During the Project Healthy Schools lesson 9 called “Facts on Fat,” students use nutrition menus from McDonald’s and spoons with Crisco to measure the fat content of specific fast foods items and identify healthier options, and learn more about fat and how it impacts our health.  Including what common foods contain healthy fats and what common foods contain unhealthy fats.

Recipe Videos

Knife Skills

Storing and Chopping Herbs

How to Dice an Onion

Zesting a Lemon

Cutting Peppers

Cutting Cucumber

How to Cut an Eggplant


Corn & Zucchini

Tuna Apple Salad

Stuffed Bell Peppers

Gingered Carrot Soup

Baked Blueberry Banana Oatmeal

Grain Bowls


MHealthy Recipe Finder

Browse or use the search tool to find delicious and easy recipes that can help you and your family eat smarter. More than 400 healthy recipes are available. All recipes meet MHealthy’s Nutrition Guidelines, emphasizing whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, lean protein, low-fat dairy and healthy fats.

What is MHealthy?

MHealthy is the University of Michigan’s health and well-being program committed to creating a community of health where both the individual and organization thrive. MHealthy offers programs and services supporting physical activity, weight loss, nutrition, mental and emotional health, and occupational health.

MHealthy’s goals are to: 

  • Improve health and quality of life for the U-M community
  • Educate, motivate and empower individuals to make good health care decisions and practice healthy behaviors
  • Promote wellness, illness and injury prevention and disease management
  • Coordinate and streamline programs and services to improve effectiveness, efficiency and communication
  • Measure and monitor progress
    Achieve high-level customer satisfaction
  • Disseminate findings to enable replication

Click here to learn more about MHealthy

Nutrition Resources

Eat Right MyPlate Tips

National Nutrition Month Key Message Poster

Wash Your Hands Crossword Puzzle

Fruits and Vegetables Drawing Sheet

Word Search Puzzle

Tips to Stop the Spread Crossword Puzzle

Home Food Safety Crossword Puzzle


MyPlate Website

Build healthy eating habits one goal at a time! Use the Start Simple with MyPlate mobile app to pick daily food goals, see real-time progress, and earn fun badges along the way.


Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Website

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals founded in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1917.


Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

Head to the Iowa State University Extension and Outreach site to learn more about cooking recipes, blog posts, and videos for making nutritional meals.


Cooking Matters

Cooking Matters is on a mission to make eating healthier fast and affordable for families everywhere.


Smitten Kitchen

Recipes that lean heavily on pantry staples like rice, grains, dried beans and legumes.