Examples of the FitDeck Exercise playing cards in which students com-plete different physical activities based on the cards’ suggestions. 

Beginning in the Fall of 2020, Project Healthy Schools ran a pilot program with several schools in which the schools, after completing their first three milestones (forming a Wellness Committee, conducting School Wellness Assessments, etc.) were able to apply for a wellness-based mini-grant of up to $1000 dollars!
The program went very well, with several schools participating. Some of the grants applied for and received were those for an outdoor garden, scooters and 9 Square (see the Bryant Middle School article), Kitchen Aid stand mixers, FitDeck Exercise playing cards (see below) and more.

More schools than ever will be eligible for these wellness mini-grants beginning August 1, 2021. Contact projecthealthyschools@umich.edu for more information! 

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