Testing season is upon our schools. As teachers work tirelessly day-in and day-out to support their students during this stressful time, we want to make sure we are supporting our teachers. There are several resources located in the PHS Portal we have created for supporting staff wellness for our schools. Please take advantage of our PHS resources as we enter the spring testing season.

Under the “Education” tab we have Teacher Self-Care Training Modules. In collaboration with TRAILS, a program aimed to improve access to evidence-based mental health services and resources, the PHS team is pleased to offer this four-part series (introduction to self-care, mindfulness, getting active for mental health, and cultivating joy) to support emotional wellness for teachers and students. During each of the four 30-minute sessions facilitated by your PHS wellness coordinator, participants will work to cultivate their own emotional wellness through learning opportunities, meaningful discussions, and short activities. These sessions are also a great resource for students and include access to numerous additional resources to promote emotional wellness. For more information regarding these sessions, please reach out to your PHS wellness coordinator. Under the “Wellness Initiatives” tab, we have 11 staff wellness event ideas that can be implemented into your school community. These events can be tailored to your school needs with the hope of engaging and supporting your teachers, staff members, and administrators on their wellness journey.